Monday, January 2, 2012


This December I had the great opportunity of doing my first presentation on my current compositional practices - the blindfolded pieces and cross-stitched soundwave scores.

Thanks you Washington Composers Forum & Jack Straw!

some of the blurbage..

Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composer Forum present
Composer Spotlight:
The Focusing Power of Form

Wed, December 14, 7:30pm

Composer Beth Fleenor offers thoughts, sounds, and a short performance expanding on her ongoing installation Mother May I, which features cross-stitched sound wave scores, as well as her developing etudes for Blindfolded Ensemble.

Exploring the power of focused intention, Fleenor has created a series of Movement Exercises for Blindfolded Ensemble that she uses as training pieces for unifying collective communication. In addition to performing and recording the works, she uses the blindfolded concept to develop ensemble awareness, as a means to move seamlessly through other forms of improvisation and composition. The blindfolded concept is currently being applied in training for performing the graphic notation of Mother May I's cross-stitched sound wave scores.

Both pieces are expansions of Fleenor's work, which revolves around committing to your individual voice and projecting that intent through the score or form you are working with.

Recorded works will include Seattle Jazz Composer Ensemble performances of Movement Exercise No. 1 for Blindfolded Ensemble, created through the Jack Straw Artist Support Program, as well as tracks from the Mother May I opening which featured Fleenor performing clarinet, voice & electronics with a seven-piece ensemble.

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