Monday, January 2, 2012


There is so much great fury to come with this new project featuring Jessica Lurie, Samantha Boshnack and myself....we kicked off a future of activities by playing with Paul Kemmish (bass) and Olli Klomp (drums) in an all improvised Christmas Eve show at the Seamonster...

It was really quite fun - with the exception of the drunk dude who faceplanted into the band, and the other dudes yelling disrespectful things at us the whole night....a note: yelling things like "come on clarinet girl, show me what you got" and "yeah trumpet girl, give it to me" do not aid the fact, as I demonstrated - it makes me stop playing and wait until you shut the fuck up before I will continue to burn...women play instruments just like men do, we are badass and it sounds even better if you can hear the music instead of listening to jerk offs trying to get up in our business...imagine that...I chose not to break the flow of the music to address this problem with the audience, but after much post show thought, know that in the future, I will get on the mic and make you look like an asswipe in front of all your friends and the other hot women in the audience - so be ready.

BISAFURY will be playing in NYC in February, hoping to work out some heads and such since it's a composer heavy project...


(photo by Sparky Collins)

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