Tuesday, September 9, 2014


In Fall 2014 I will be launching a Hatchfund patronage campaign to raise funds for my Blindfolded Music/Ensemble endeavors, and a new monthly subscription program through Ziibra for listeners looking to get more involved with all the new work happening...SOUNDS AND COLLABORATIONS GALORE!

But, if you just want to support the human - the person that believes that an emphasis on creativity in a culture gives rise to creative solutions to social problems, and has spent the last decade hell bent on trying to amplify the voice and vision of as many artists' endeavors as possible - the same human who on Sept 1 received a 100% rent increase causing her to have to pack her life into storage for 2 months, and find a new home in the midst of the most generatively explosive time of her artistic life...

If you want to help that human, you can make any cash money contributions through the button above - and it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Below are a couple sounds - you can enter $0 to download for free.

Times are a changing.....every obstacle is an opportunity....FORWARD!!
(you can't get this day back)

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I'm starting to learn....I can tell when the shift is happening and observe my (re)actions change accordingly. The body tightens down, locking the fort, my muscles and tenderness slammed into concrete shipping boxes laced with scratched nerve endings - that's the crucial moment, where if I don't pay attention, sogginess causes the bottom to drop out and the walls crash into each other taking me down into the folds....but if I do pay attention, with focus I can lodge something in the space to keep it from closing in - breath. air. oxygen. and intention.

I'm one of the lucky ones...the very lucky ones...It's really not that bad. and I'm learning a new dance that's teaching me holistically each day. I can hear 80 year old beth encouraging me in the distance - "yes, do the work. do it now." #funwithfybromyalgia

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I can't carry the weights I used to be able to carry, but I can set them down, and move forward, freely...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



||: eat it fuck it kill it - eat it fuck it kill it - eat it fuck it kill it - can I? :||

can I eat it?
should I kill it?
and how -
do I fuck it?
my lord -

I'm begging you
consciousness is too much to be responsible for
please release me, my lord
(epic guitar solo)
but everything's connected
my lord!
so cut the bullshit
cut the bullshit, my friend
cause everything's connected
my lord!
so cut the bullshit
cut the bullshit, my friends

with your
eat it fuck it kill it
eat it fuck it kill it
eat it fuck it kill it

My Flesh - My Flesh - My Flesh
come on eat it, fuck it, kill it!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


dear humans -
stop freaking out because there are other shades of humans.
stop freaking out because consenting humans are having sex with other consenting humans.
stop freaking out because humans have sex - period.
stop freaking out because humans come in many shapes.
stop freaking out because humans have hair.
stop freaking out over all this absurd bullshit.

do freak out over the fact that after thousands of years we haven't even become smart enough to not beat the shit out of each other or ourselves.

the earth is not flat.
we're all connected in a contained system.
we're revolving around our star on a tiny spec
living in a web of multiple intertwined ecological systems. this much we know.

rule 1: don't be an asshole rule 2: make sure you're not breaking rule #1

love - human me

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I've grown really tired of the phrase - "they're artists, they do it for the love, not for the money" - because while this is true, it also doesn't illuminate the fact that being an artist is in fact a job, and you should get paid a living wage for doing your job....and people should do jobs they like, even love, and are good at, that way they do a better job at their job, and society reaps the benefits......I think it's more accurate to say, "they're artists, they do it because they understand it has a value so individually, socially, and culturally important, that it must happen at all costs, because the value of humanity cannot be measured in dollars"

...but I understand that doesn't quite roll of the tongue the same way....

Friday, January 17, 2014


Frank and I have fought a lot this past year...many growing pains, shifts, changes, confusion and difficulties, as are to be expected in any serious, long term committed relationship...and although we've always had an open relationship, welcoming new perspectives, needs and energies, we took some real space in 2013 to take an honest look at the full trajectory of our time together, our individual desires, and our future hopes and dreams.....I'm quite happy to report that during the holiday season we renewed our vows in a private ceremony and are now basking in the glow of our second honeymoon - and I know in my deepest self that we will be together, supporting each other, pushing each other, with renewed inspiration, resilience, unabashed love, trust, and devotion, for a very very long time....thanks for nearly a decade of wonderful adventure Frank, and here's to many more!!

An emphasis on creativity in a culture gives rise to creative solutions to social problems....art is the discipline of being.....work it - own it - live it - love it!!

The Frank Agency - Intersect. Interact. Integrate.