Monday, February 25, 2013


strength in vulnerability decree: today is suck it up and embrace your insecurities Monday!

that's right! today I will embrace my least favorite activity as a performing artist - the photo shoot. I play music. I'm not a model. I am best experienced in motion - in the transmission of vibration - preferably with audio. But if you want people to ask you to do things, you have to tell them your name. and if you want to receive someone's recognition, you have to show them your face.

perform for 200,000 people, surrounded by video cameras and a 25ft press gallery directly in front of the stage - no problem, fully confident. moderate a panel of creative thinkers for an audience talk back, produce a concert, present a marketing plan or pitch a proposal to a board of directors, - no problem, fully confident.

stand still and have your photo taken solo to accompany an interview piece.....MOST. DREADED. PART. OF. MY. JOB.

It's an honor to be featured, I am proud that my work and my clients' work is being noted....

but this is one of those moments that I feel like the path would be easier if I was a dude doing this feels like they face less scrutiny & objectification when it comes to their physical image accompanying their work....but I'm not a dude...I'm a lady....a fiercely fire-y, ferociously energetic lady that believes the world can be changed through the power of she's gonna go have her picture taken....

I'm not here to be looked at - I'm here to be felt - but to do that I have to let you see me....'s a relationship dependent, time based activity....

Thursday, February 21, 2013