Wednesday, June 13, 2012


trust is sacred...once violated, it is is an incredibly painful and lasting transaction on every scale where it occurs. The resonance of its impact can translate into many forms - some of them incredibly detrimental. The only way to repair the damage done is to acknowledge your mistake, take true ownership of your actions, and demonstrate - through your actions, not through words - dedication and respect for the individual(s) you have crossed. we all make mistakes, how you handle them is the measure of your character...I have known many great and many weak characters - I am reminded of this with immense clarity this week, and hope it will guide me in a continued effort to be mindful of how I treat people. We have the capacity to be good to each other, and to honor each is a choice....

Monday, June 11, 2012


There has been so much awesome - so much crazy - so much awful - so much "I can't fucking believe this is really happening" over the last couple of months, and in concentrated form over the last couple of weeks, that I have fallen a bit behind on my journaling here....I'm getting back to it, in the midst of finding my balance in the launch of a whole bunch of other things and a continued effort to deepen my practice - physically, emotionally, sonically, spiritually...stay tuned for many impending posts...

More videos from this excursion to come, but here is a short 2 minutes I took to open up my voice in the Cistern at Centrum. I was recording clarinet & bass clarinet in a variety of spaces for Wayne Horvitz over 5 days at Fort Worden, but I had to take a quick moment to see what that room felt like pumped full of crystal beth...

....45 second reverb, people...45 seconds....

About the cistern:

Friday, June 8, 2012


> April 2012

4/2_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 4/5_Sound of Silents with a Side of Schtick presented by SIFF, SJCE, and SCA as part of Moisture Fest SIFF Cinema at the Uptown 4/6_Rubato Hug Threats with Evan Flory Barnes Royal Room 4/13_FIGEATER with Scumeating, Microbabies and Chung Antique Hollow Earth Radio 4/14_Sinking of the Titanic presented by Nonsequitur and Wayward Music Series Chapel Performance Space Good Shepherd Center 4/16_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 4/19_Evan Flory Barnes Music Husky Fest (3-4pm) 4/19_FIGEATER Zero G series Mars Bar 4/20_Rubato Hug Royal Room 4/21_duets with Paul Kemmish Alhambra (1-5pm) 4/21_Jherek Bischoff Music Wall of Sound 4/25_Bobby Previte: Music of Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Royal Room 4/27 & 28_Confluence/Influence new work for dance presented by SJCE and KSD featuring UMAMI performance Chapel Performance Space Good Shepherd Center

> May 2012

5/7_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 5/9_BF solo Pocket Concert presented by Jack Straw Monorail / Seattle Center 1pm 5/11_Co-Lab / Offshore Dance Music by Dylan Rieck Erickson Theater 5/12_Co-Lab / Offshore Dance Music by Dylan Rieck Erickson Theater 5/17_CRYSTAL BETH with Werebearcat Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater 5/18_Sam Boshnack Quintet Royal Room 5/18_Ari Joshua group Royal Room 5/21_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 5/25_Ply a new project by Michael Owcharuk CMA Gallery 5/28_Frankly Mondays Duets with Amy Denio Royal Room

> June 2012

6/4_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 6/13_SJCE members Composer Spotlight Jack Straw Productions 6/16_Crystal Beth Jack Straw Productions 2-3am* *early meditation set 6/18_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 6/25_Frankly Mondays: PLY Royal Room

> July 2012

7/1_Freehold: KING LEAR Seward Park (public) 7/2_Freehold: KING LEAR Seward Park (public) 7/2_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 7/3_Freehold: KING LEAR WCCW 7/5_Freehold: KING LEAR Harborview 7/6_Freehold: KING LEAR McChord Air Force Base 7/7_Freehold: KING LEAR Monroe 7/9_Freehold: KING LEAR Echo Glen 7/12_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/13_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/14_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/15_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/16_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 7/18_Five & Dime with Wayne Horvitz Royal Room 7/20_Summerfun Musical 7/27_PLY Egan's Ballard Jam House 7/30_Frankly Mondays Figeater & Non Grata Royal Room