Friday, June 8, 2012


> April 2012

4/2_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 4/5_Sound of Silents with a Side of Schtick presented by SIFF, SJCE, and SCA as part of Moisture Fest SIFF Cinema at the Uptown 4/6_Rubato Hug Threats with Evan Flory Barnes Royal Room 4/13_FIGEATER with Scumeating, Microbabies and Chung Antique Hollow Earth Radio 4/14_Sinking of the Titanic presented by Nonsequitur and Wayward Music Series Chapel Performance Space Good Shepherd Center 4/16_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 4/19_Evan Flory Barnes Music Husky Fest (3-4pm) 4/19_FIGEATER Zero G series Mars Bar 4/20_Rubato Hug Royal Room 4/21_duets with Paul Kemmish Alhambra (1-5pm) 4/21_Jherek Bischoff Music Wall of Sound 4/25_Bobby Previte: Music of Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Royal Room 4/27 & 28_Confluence/Influence new work for dance presented by SJCE and KSD featuring UMAMI performance Chapel Performance Space Good Shepherd Center

> May 2012

5/7_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 5/9_BF solo Pocket Concert presented by Jack Straw Monorail / Seattle Center 1pm 5/11_Co-Lab / Offshore Dance Music by Dylan Rieck Erickson Theater 5/12_Co-Lab / Offshore Dance Music by Dylan Rieck Erickson Theater 5/17_CRYSTAL BETH with Werebearcat Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater 5/18_Sam Boshnack Quintet Royal Room 5/18_Ari Joshua group Royal Room 5/21_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 5/25_Ply a new project by Michael Owcharuk CMA Gallery 5/28_Frankly Mondays Duets with Amy Denio Royal Room

> June 2012

6/4_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 6/13_SJCE members Composer Spotlight Jack Straw Productions 6/16_Crystal Beth Jack Straw Productions 2-3am* *early meditation set 6/18_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 6/25_Frankly Mondays: PLY Royal Room

> July 2012

7/1_Freehold: KING LEAR Seward Park (public) 7/2_Freehold: KING LEAR Seward Park (public) 7/2_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 7/3_Freehold: KING LEAR WCCW 7/5_Freehold: KING LEAR Harborview 7/6_Freehold: KING LEAR McChord Air Force Base 7/7_Freehold: KING LEAR Monroe 7/9_Freehold: KING LEAR Echo Glen 7/12_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/13_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/14_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/15_Freehold: KING LEAR Lee Center (public) 7/16_Seattle Conduction Band Royal Room 7/18_Five & Dime with Wayne Horvitz Royal Room 7/20_Summerfun Musical 7/27_PLY Egan's Ballard Jam House 7/30_Frankly Mondays Figeater & Non Grata Royal Room

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