Thursday, June 5, 2014


I'm starting to learn....I can tell when the shift is happening and observe my (re)actions change accordingly. The body tightens down, locking the fort, my muscles and tenderness slammed into concrete shipping boxes laced with scratched nerve endings - that's the crucial moment, where if I don't pay attention, sogginess causes the bottom to drop out and the walls crash into each other taking me down into the folds....but if I do pay attention, with focus I can lodge something in the space to keep it from closing in - breath. air. oxygen. and intention.

I'm one of the lucky ones...the very lucky ones...It's really not that bad. and I'm learning a new dance that's teaching me holistically each day. I can hear 80 year old beth encouraging me in the distance - "yes, do the work. do it now." #funwithfybromyalgia

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