Monday, January 2, 2012


After a year and 3 months of performances at salon parties, cafes, and galleries I was ready to take Crystal Beth into the club's a very different experience to do a solo performance in a club setting, it is a very uncontrolled environment and a bigger room to fill up both sonically and energetically, but I felt like it was time, and having the invitation to do it at Wayne Horvitz's new club, the Royal Room, seemed like a perfect fit and perfect timing...SO I DID IT!!!!

I dedicated this set to the members of Kultur Shock, who in 2009 jerked me back from the throngs of sublimating my personal artistic mission...plans were in the works for me to move to Chicago to get a masters degree in arts policy when I got hired to go on tour with Kultur Shock to Russia - through Shock therapy I empirically realized the greatest contribution I could make to the world was to perpetuate MY most authentic self (not just the authentic self of others) truly and unabashedly....I came home from Russia and changed the structure of my entire life to align with this true objective, and I continue that adventure daily...THANK YOU KULTUR SHOCK

Crystal Beth Live at the Royal Room
December 19, 2011

Djelem, Djelem
Invocation & Thanks
Siberian Delirium
Buddhas & the Bitches
Doshi Dei

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