Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Presented by Bad for Jazz, Crystal Beth did a 50 min set on Hollow Earth Radio!

I think I'm going to use it as the first Crystal Beth recording for sale...there were some problems, you know, songs I started to fast or little things like that, but overall I felt it was my strongest solo set was the first true solo synthesis of my improvised and compositional personas and I got totally swept away in the music - FINALLY!

No nerves, no self abuse, no fear...just pure CRYSTAL BETH!!!

Doing a solo set is hard work, keeping the energy up and moving as a single person is really something intense....but after a year and a half of baby steps I finally feel confident enough to start booking the project on bills with other bands.

(Thank you Bad for Jazz for the opportunity and invitation to do whatever I wanted! Artistic freedom makes for artistic bliss!)

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