Sunday, November 22, 2009


I believe what you do alone in your living room is who you really artistic process these days is entirely focused on the discipline of performing/collaborating from the same place I work from when alone, unwatched, & uninhibited in my studio.

I improvise A LOT. voice, clarinets, wind-up toys, shoes on the floor, kitchen utensils, a resonant leather chair...doesn't matter, I love to fuck with sound and live with an almost constant track of sound design playing in my mind/body which sometimes manifests audibly to other people....

*this here video is the first recording I've ever made of myself beth-boxing* from the safety of your own computing device you can now observe this explosively passionate creature in its natural habitat....


  1. I've always found the Politics of Military Convergence and Neo-Classical Realism as it pertains to post-Cold War Armed Forces Reform in Britain, France and Germany to be fascinating. Thanks for expanding upon this basic premise and adding your own unique perspective to such a chronically misunderstood concept.

    Beth, I'd say 'you rock', but that's not the half of it.