Friday, November 20, 2009


Figeater is a time-based, performance process emphasized ensemble vehicle where audience and environment are recognized members of the configuration performing. It is through the combination of these components that the performance takes place.

Disjunctive, raucous, soaring, and powerful - Figeater is a textural, tribal exploration of organic movement, instigated by BF as clarinetist/vocal percussionist/composer.

Improvisations are punctuated, buttoned and launched by original compositions and songlike psychedelic episodes, with an emphasis on environmental participation. I like to call it sonic spelunking or an all improvised fun time.

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"Daringly, {Figeater} was down right pretty, not a term often associated with free improv...while later it was visceral, convulsive and more than a bit creepy..." - Seattle Weekly

"Clarinetist/composer Beth Fleenor bases her cargo-cult band on the arrival of unhinged, uncorked, unkempt provocations from a small, raucous band of collaborators. Expect some wailin', some keening, and some siren-singing too." - Earshot Jazz

"Led by clarinetist Beth Fleenor, Figeater make improvised music that ranges from insistently propulsive and buoyant—Fleenor can channel the spirit of Raymond Scott with aplomb—to aloof atmospheres, thugged-up backbeats, and loony, melismatic rants." - The Stranger

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