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frank - adjective: direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere; without inhibition or subterfuge; direct...

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The Frank Agency officially opened its doors in 2004. I had been working on the business/administrative/production side of music since 1999 wearing a handful of different hats for a handful of different people/organizations, but it wasn't until somewhere around November 04 that the name selected me and I accepted the invitation to dive down the rabbit hole...What has happened since has been truly unbelievable, in so many inexplicable ways.

Frank assists artists in the clarification, articulation and amplification of their vision, while seeking to simultaneously connect audiences to work that moves them.

This manifests tangibly through things like concert production, grant writing, promotion/publicity, strategic planning, and booking, along with a whole slew of nitty gritty metaphysical and psychological odd jobs all done in the name of propagating the work of generative artists and the human experience.

Since it's inception, Frank has produced over 150 concerts and raised more than $350K for individual artists and organizations. In support of its mission, Frank has collaborated on successful applications with organizations and foundations including the National Endowment for the Arts, Aaron Copland Fun for Music, Earshot Jazz, 4Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, MidAtlantic Touring/USArtists International, Cornish College of the Arts, the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Allied Arts Foundation, the Jack Straw Artist Support Program, and Artist Trust, among others.

Frank currently consists of myself and whatever interns are crazy enough to get involved in my process and this totally wacked business. I stopped accepting new clients in 2006 and have only been working with artists on the roster and special projects already in motion at that time. This spring, for the first time in 3 years, Frank will open its doors and starting working with new artists again! and there are many creative opportunities on the horizon, which I am explosively excited about. We are bigger, badder, and smarter than ever before, and this shit is going to rock.

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