Wednesday, January 30, 2013


reflection. mentorship. intuition. discipline. focus. intention. sound. lineage. friendship. community. expression. communication. transcendence. understanding. compassion. symbiosis. inspiration. humanity. creativity.

Butch Morris framed it so perfectly - "it's not what is it - it's how is it moving"

For me personally, working with Butch was an answer to a question - he changed my life. In our correspondence following his conduction work in Seattle, he offered the following thoughts...which I think in this moment - are for all of us:

"If I was able to give you “something” (anything positive) to further your adventure, I am very (very) happy and grateful to do so. I can only suggest that you continue your quest, answer your questions, and ask them too as I have had to, to arrive at this point in this life…. And continue to “understand” to the best of your ability. YOU ARE WELCOME, YOU ARE WELCOME, “YOU ARE WELCOME” to the best that life in art has to offer. But you “must” seek and you must “be”….all is before you. “All” of our questions are important… Have patience and the answers will come.. All of what we have to do takes time… Trust yourself. Disappointment is a part of what we all have to live with… but the joy will overshadow disappointment. We have to give ourselves time to learn,…be patient and trust yourself. ….all will be OK. It is always a great pleasure to work with a mind such as yours… You have many friends in this universe of music…they will find you and you will find them. ...stay articulate."

I am so very thankful for Butch Morris and Wayne Horvitz. ((((( <3 )))))

Yo Butch - am I playin too much? Now you're tellin me more movement and I'm wonderin where the groove went are we in development? Yo Buch - am I playin too much? (chick influenza)

Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, Bobby Previte...After All These Years (WH) > LISTEN

photo by Daniel Sheehan

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