Thursday, March 11, 2010


Samantha Boshnack, instigator of games and bets, initiates a betting session with Butch Morris and other members of the Seattle Conduction ensemble, put together by Wayne Horvitz for the Earshot Jazz/Cornish College of the Arts concert on March 6...

It started with speculations about a deck of cards and then escalated to bets on how long it would take a candle to melt down to a set mark. The mark in this case, was a tortilla chip that Butch burnt and stuck into the wax....I won the bet at 30 minutes.

The betting continued with a guess the number of cashews that Butch just poured into a pile on the table, and with a guess of exactly 62 cashews I took away a jackpot of $6 for the evening.

I am rich.
So very rich.

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