Thursday, February 16, 2012


Frank endlessly supports the multifaceted Wayne Horvitz...always something deep and fascinating...

"Soprano Maria Mannisto and Pianist Cristina Valdes present selections from "Smokestack Arias" in the KUOW performance studio. Composer Wayne Horvitz tells KUOW's Dave Beck that his attraction to the story of the 1916 Everett Massacre comes in part from Wayne's family background. Wayne Horvitz' father and grandfather were active labor negotiators and arbitrators."

"The bloodiest event in Pacific Northwest labor history, the event that left 7 people dead and many more seriously injured, is the subject of a new mini-opera by Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb at Seattle's ACT Theatre.

Called "Smokestack Arias," the work tells the story of the events of Nov. 5, 1916 when two boatloads of Industrial Workers of the World -- "Wobblies" -- arrived from Seattle to Everett." (learn more by listening...)

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