Sunday, September 16, 2012


(a question to my friends at the end of the AFP discussion) … that I have you all here (you are all, by the way, some of my favorite people)….can we talk about paradigm shifts and dreams? Do you have any thoughts about a model of support that is geared toward the individual artist/band/organization’s process as opposed to project or product? My general wish is that I would like for events/media to be free to the public and artists compensated adequately to do their work. I see the work as social service. (I also think there should be an International Center for Creativity - a cultural embassy - in every city that acts as a hub for hosting and connecting, creating extensive community outreach programs, networks for touring, standards of income/living and sustainability for artists, but that’s a separate issue) I have been thinking that if an artist has the process or developmental support of patrons (micro to macro), then that bypasses the focus on product and need to make money for product, and instead focuses on the work as a whole, allowing freedom in the work. With a small but consistent amount of developmental support, I have been able to allocate significant time to my practice, voice, and contribution (performances, works, etc), while also offering discounted, sliding-scale and in trade rates in my other service (arts admin) helping as many artists/organizations – who I believe are doing important work - as I can handle at any time…combined with product based support (sales, gigs, project grants) that’s my meager living. If I have more developmental support, I generate more work overall which includes more work for my community. Kickstarter, Indigogo etc are all project based…..other than just having people donate directly to you personally, have you seen a process based platform? Any thoughts on this as a concept? Do you have thoughts about other systems? also, I love you guys and your big brains ((((♥)))) Post 1 Post 2 Post 3

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