Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm going to attempt to catch up m(eye) he(art)...that's never really possible, but I do want to add a few things to the journal here, that I've been collecting internally for sometime. It has been a busy time. A time of great change. A time of much unknown - and embracing that much unknown - and then hating that much unknown, and cursing it repeatedly...and then reveling and dancing in it...ah yes, it has been all of it... < LIFE IN FULL FORM > < THE DYNAMIC HUMAN > on display.... I have always loved this blog because it is the one place in my life where all of the projects/selves can be unified...the Artist, Frank, every tiny piece, every large extravaganza, all archived with the same weight...completion of the full person... The irony these days is that as I have jumped headfirst into the deep ocean of attempting to unify my many personalities, to understand and explore my many selves, I have had less energy to archive everything. I'm bummed about this, honestly, because the last 6 months have been a wash of happenings and they are all running together in my mind. Part of why this is frustrating is that I have a sort of video memory, which holds a strong chronology of past events, and now, instead of a linear timeline of the past, I have a sort of pollock-like explosion that settles as a rothko-sea before instantly being blast apart into alex grey esque supernatual particulate....and the emotions that accompany that experience are, well, varied.... In any case, I'm embracing this new whirlwind of color, form & motion in my life - I may drown in it at some point, but until then, I'm attempting to surf the biggest wave I've ever felt/faced....

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