Thursday, October 13, 2011


Frank had the great honor of working with composer (and great friend) Samantha Boshnack on the premiere of her new ensemble - the B'shnorkestra!

Concerts Sept 22 & 24 at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center

The B'shnorkestra is a new large ensemble project featuring the work of Seattle based composer, Samantha Boshnack.

Bold and undulating, there is a majestic grandness to Boshnack's compositions, regardless of the project featured. In the B'shnorkestra, strings and percussion orchestrate the soaring melodic and tightly punctuated horn lines she's celebrated for, taking this new work to a cinematically inspired place.

Comprised of 12 instrumentalists and two very special guests, the B'shnorkestra brings together musicians from many different Seattle music communities including: jazz (free, modern, straight-ahead), rock, avant garde, salsa, pop, klezmer, Balkan, neo-sould/hip-hop, reggae, and classical. The music draws from and blends these genres into a language all its own, showcasing the wealth and variety of the talents found in the B'shnorkestra players. The ensemble will premiere eight new works this Thursday and Saturday.

*9/24 post concert reception with the composer


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