Friday, April 1, 2011


Our eyes met and it was one of those instances.
You know exactly what I'm talking about - we've all encountered it in some form.

You are able to look a little deeper than with most people you brush into day to day. Something in you says that you know each other - or knew each other - or understand something about each other. It's all in there all at once.

You are connected.
There is a semblance in the frequency.
It is recycling between the two of you, undulating and amplifying with each second.

It is so important to notice when it happens - and to honor it.
Because it is of great immeasurable valuable.

In that instant - you see more of yourself, more of others, and therefore more of the environment you are in.

In that instant - (your) humanity grows.

We are differentiated by probably 20 years in age, our race, our social status/activity, and life experiences - yet we knew we were just 2 tired women in the rain.

We shared space for over 20 minutes. She asked each passerby for change, eventually pausing for a moment to smoke a cigarette and step outside of it all. I waited for a cab with heavy bags of groceries.

When it arrived she lowered her head and raised her cigarette as if to say cheers!
I looked at her for the last moment and said "good luck"
she looked back into me and replied - "you too."

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