Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am constantly frustrated by the portrayal of women as being one sided - you are a sexy woman, or a smart woman, or a funny woman, or a strong woman, or a cute woman, or a talented woman - whatever it is, for the most part our world reinforces over and over again that you are mostly one and you have to pick which archetype it is going to be....that's your role, now stay there.

I think that's bull shit.

People - PEOPLE - are multifaceted. They are never singular at any point...and the one thing they are doing consistently from second to second - the ONLY thing they are doing consistently second to second, is CHANGING.

I am in a constant state of trying to balance my various personas - my health and happiness depend on this balance.

I am a dynamic person and each side of the prism is a necessary part to the whole. There's the Artist. There's Frank (as in director of The Frank Agency: Innovative Arts Management), There's the Director of the non-profit Advocates for Abundance through Action in the Arts, and then there's the Woman...who's just a woman - who needs to eat, sleep, love, shit and fuck just like every other (wo)man in the world...

you can't have one of them without any of the others - it's a package deal....again WHOLE, as in "comprising the full quantity without exception...containing all the elements properly belonging."

The more I acknowledge and honor the various aspects of myself the more I flourish - each has different needs and combined make for an incredibly rich and exciting life.

I have started a project of trying to capture myself in some of the different states. This will go on for a long time, and it isn't for anyone else...just for me. It's just an acknowledgement.




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