Saturday, November 13, 2010


Another goddess - another soul mate...Vanessa Skantze.

I could fill an entire page with adjectives describing this deeply moving artist/human....captivating and entrancing, strong, authentic, sensual, spiritually connected - the kind of spiritual connection that you can feel is rooted deep into the earth, but extends far out into the darkest parts of the universe. And there seems to be, in my opinion, some kind of symbiosis between my sound and her movement. Like they were the same entity that we plucked from the cosmos and infused in each our souls - manifesting individually as "sound" and "movement."

She moves the way my body wants to move - the way I move in my mind. Watching her work makes me want to leap up and join the dance - letting life reel through me....instead I hang on and open up even further, letting the sound pour out like an electrical waterfall.

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