Saturday, March 26, 2011


It is actually possible to be lonelier with someone than you can ever be by yourself.

(which is also why it is important to really cultivate the relationships that bring true fulfillment to your individual being)

we need both

.....and the power of humanity.....whew, don't get me started, I can't get into an epic essay right now.....

I have been having some tough emotional things these days and as a result spending a lot (more) of my time alone and/or silent, trying to be more open to receiving all of the gifts that are surrounding me constantly.

one of those gifts is the paradox of our experience of reality.

We are completely alone in ourselves and our individual experience, and yet we are never alone, always completely connected to all that is, has been, and ever will be. We cannot NOT be connected to it. We are it - IT is the combination of all of its parts, and we are a big part of that. We are a droplet of water in the ocean of the universe - it surrounds us and fills us, and carries us.

We are one hand or a heart or the frontal lobe of the collective body.

Within each woman, every woman
within each man, every man -
Reflections, echoing our divinity.

there is something to be said about the importance of relationships - to yourself as well as to my opinion, it is kind of what all this "life" business is all about.

It is necessary to honor the balance.
Only through our relationship with our selves can we truly know others and only through our relationship to others can we truly know ourselves.


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