Monday, July 5, 2010


I am trying to learn how to play this drum thing....and sing at the same time....

This is a pretty sleepy version - I was trying to be a little quiet, because my inclination is to get rather loud - but I am in love with this song and can't stop singing it these days. I can't stop playing it. I am also longing to dive headfirst into learning how to really play the tarabuka/other drums, while simultaneously developing my voice. Oh yeah, while also continuing to expand on these clarinet things I like to mess with.

Time, Space and Resources - these seem to be what I am seeking most these days.

This song is called Djelem Djelem.

(someday I will be able to sing and play lots of songs, this is what we like to call "the beginning of something new"....)

ps: technically this party is in the kitchen


  1. I knew a toaster like that. I knew a refrigerator like that. I knew a window like that once. And a lamp like that too. They were nice then. Now everything is blank.