Sunday, June 20, 2010


Open Flight Studio (OFS), currently a dance/movement art-based research/development, education, rehearsal and performance space located in the University District, hosts the engaging quarterly Dance and Music improvisation-based performance program HERE/NOW. The program's format and inherent creative dynamics should prove to be of great value to its participants, those in attendance, as well as the greater art community.

For this series, eight movement artists are paired with eight sound artists, at random through audience selection, to improvise a new 8 minute work.

The musicians and dancers are curated separately and no one knows who else is going to be there really...what was funny to me about this installment is that it was comprised of many musicians that I not only know, but have great history with. Samantha Boshnack, Trey Gunn, Paurl Walsh, and Paul Kikuchi are all artists that I revere and respect immensely and it was awesome to share an evening with them and the other artists who participated.


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