Sunday, May 16, 2010


I started actively working with Gino Yevdjvich, composer and lead singer of Balkan punk-shaman metal band, Kultur Shock, last month. We are working on a production of Julius Caesar, a project that will tour to prisons this June. The production is directed by Robin Lynn Smith and Gino is composing the music - I am music director and one of two musicians performing the score/sound design of the piece.

Ever since I had the great honor of touring Russia & Slovenia with Kultur Shock in June 2009, I have wanted to study with Gino. I noticed immediately that he was to be my next mentor in sound, and I was eager to step up to the challenge and get to work, diving into a new language and dimension of voice & percussion.

Having the opportunity to work so closely with Gino in the development of this score is amazing. I will be performing clarinet, bass clarinet, voice, percussion and electronics for the work, alongside an additional percussionist...and it is my first project taking the helm as musical director. Gino does the Shakespeare project every year, and is usually the performer in addition to the composer. This year, because he will be on tour with Kultur Shock, he is not able to perform and I will be manning the ship. It is a tall order, to say the least...but I think I am ready. And I know I am willing, and able.

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